Phase 1 Performance True Timber Camo Longsleeve Crew

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SKU: 1G11APTT-094-M

1G11APTT- Lightweight Camo First or Second Layer - Regular fitting. Designed to fit regularly for comfort and a full range of motion. Neither snug nor loose. Allows for unrestricted movement. Great for early season scouting and early to mid-season hunts. Ideal for temps between 40° - 100° F.  

***Limited Edition - While supplies last.

  • Lightweight Performance First or Second Layer – 4.0 oz
  • Regular/Relaxed Fit
  • 100% Acclimate® Dry Polyester 
  • UPF (Sun Protection) Rating - 35+
  • Superior Acclimate® Dry Moisture Managment
  • Ag47® Anti-Microbial Protection
  • Rolled Shoulders and Under Arm Gussets - Increased Mobility / Reduced Irritation
  • Clean Seam® Next-To-Skin Comfort, Extra Length (Body), Durable, Breathable & Won’t Shrink
  • 100% USA Made & Berry Compliant!!! 

In Native American tradition, legend told of a great hunter.
The first hunter who taught all others.
He never missed, and so his people never went hungry.
The whole world was his hunting ground.
Seeing all. Seen by none.

In ancient times, there was only one village and at the top 
of their sacred mountain was a cave blocked by stone. Inside 
the cave you could hear every type of growl, grunt and bark.

Every day the huntsman would hike to the mountain cave and pull the stone aside to release a lone creature from the den. Upon closing the cave mouth, he hunted the animal, and went home carrying it on his shoulders.

One day the hunters two sons quietly left to visit the cave. The boys struggled to push back the stone but to their surprise it tumbled away and animals of all types came thundering out. Their paws, hooves, and feet pounded the earth as the boys struggled to close off the cave. All the animals fled into the woods until the cave was vacant. Their father, keeper of the animals heard the sound of thunder and ran along the trail to the cave mouth. His two sons stood next to the empty cave with their heads hung anticipating their fathers rage.

The Huntsman said nothing at first but then spoke to his sons, “Never before has our life been harsh. Now the animals are free and we will have to hunt the rest of our lives. With our spears, tomahawks, and bows we will work to eat. We will wander the forest hunting. Some days we will come up empty handed and some nights we will go hungry all because you were careless and thoughtless. But we will endure.”

And so it is that hunting has been hard work 
and a labor of great skill among all people ever since.
The Huntsman went on to teach his people 
to hunt, to sustain, and to conserve.
He was a teacher, a warrior, and his story is legend.

His name...was KANATI.