FR Phase 1 Flight Deck Longsleeve Strong Crew

$ 94.00
SKU: 1F11K-055-S

1F11K - Lightweight Flame-Retardant First or Second Layer - Regular fitting. Designed to fit regularly for comfort and a full range of motion. Neither snug nor loose. Allows for unrestricted movement. Ideal for temps between 40° - 100° F. 

  • Lightweight FR First or Second Layer – 4.8 oz
  • Regular/Relaxed Fit
  • Patented blend of Modacrylic & FR Rayon
  • ASTM D6413 Standard - No Melt/No Drip
  • Superior Acclimate® Dry Moisture Management
  • Ag47® Anti-Microbial Protection
  • Rolled Shoulders and Under Arm Gussets - Increased Mobility / Reduced Irritation
  • High Mock Collar
  • Clean Seam® Next-To-Skin Comfort, Extra Length (Body), Durable, Breathable & Won’t Shrink
  • 100% USA Made & Berry Compliant!!!

  • White: Airwing quality control personnel, Squadron plane instructors, Landing Signal Officer (LSO), Air Transfer Officers (ATO), Liquid Oxygen (LOX) crews, Safety Observers, Medical personnel
  • Yellow: Aircraft handling officers, Catapult and Arresting Gear Officers, Plane directors
  • Green: Catapult and arresting gear crews, Airwing maintenance personnel, Cargo-handling personnel, Ground Support Equipment (GSE) troubleshooters, Hook runners, Photographer’s Mates, and Helicopter landing signal enlisted personnel (LSE)
  • Purple: Aviation Fuels
  • Blue: Plane Handlers, Aircraft Elevator Operators, Tractor Drivers, Messengers, and Phone Talkers
  • Red: Ordnancemen, Crash and Salvage Crews, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
  • Brown: Airwing plan captains, Airwing line leading petty officers