Cage: 03XQ8 | Duns: 807641089
Aloysius Donovan – XGO

Aloysius Donovan

Donovan. Aloysius Donovan.To envision him with the mind's eye, think Paul Bunyan + Wild Bill Hickok. Now times that by 100. 

Born in Michigan, but growing up all over the country,  Aloysius filled his downtime with all things outdoors. Having been a passionate hunter & fisherman since the age of 7, his passion grew with every passing year. From the mountains of New Zealand to the plains of Wyoming, and everywhere in-between, he has hunted and fished  all over the world.. Rumor has it he took this trophy buffalo after beating the buffalo in a staring contest that lasted 47 mins....the buffalo died of embarrassment. 

Hunting/Fishing are his passion but serving his county was his dream.  As a US Marine Infantry Platoon Sgt, he served his country with honor. His service lead him to a polished background in military and government sales, Aloysius took over as our Director of Sales in early 2016 and hasn't looked back. 

His three idols are about as American as apple pie and baseball - Hank Williams, Johnny Wayne & Ronald Reagan. But his real hero, rock & best friend is his wife Jennifer. If you ever ask him about her, it is easy to see why. 

With a personality as big as his brawn, Aloysius is known and revered by many. We look forward to seeing Aloysius help grow our Ambassador program and the brand! 

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