Brent Marshall

Here are a few of Brent Marshall's hobbies - bare knuckle boxing with both humans & bears, competing in epic steak eating challenges and growing a beard that makes Chuck Norris envious.

Once Brent finishes trimming his beard with a bladed axe, he is usually out in the cattle fields of the Texas Pitchfork Ranch. Since 1999, Brent has been a professional guide for the Mesquite Country Outfitters at the Pitchfork Ranch. He leads fully guided hunts for whitetail deer, pesky wild hogs and dad-gum varmints. Brent has even filled a few tags of his own, like this trophy West Texas whitetail he took in a past personal hunt.

While Brent is the typical passionate outdoors-man, happy to be doing all things outdoors, he is proudest where he hangs his hat. Husband to Jana and hero to his three kids Macie, Cambrie & Eli, Brent is the complete family man. When Brent has to do the whole "9-to-5," he does so happily as a technician in wind energy industry.  

We look forward to seeing Brent contribute in the growing of our Ambassador program! Welcome XGO Hunt/Fish Ambassador, Brent Marshall!!

For more information on Mesquite Country Outfitters, The Pitchfork Ranch or available hunts, check out their website at