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Chris Douglas – XGO

Chris Douglas

“Heroes get remembered but legends never die!” A quote tailor-made for Chris Douglas. But like all great tales, we must start from the beginning, before the legend became to be.

Central North Carolina. Enter young  Chris. Growing up on a tobacco farm with a passion for hunting and fishing, he spent his early years discovering an appreciation for hard work and all things outdoors. But everything changed with a move to the mission fields of South Africa. Experiencing his first African Safaris, his passion for the outdoors sky-rocketed. He returned home dedicated to make a career out of his love for the outdoors.

Starting with small TV stations and production companies, he worked his way up to landing a gig as a producer for a national outdoor show. This was the moment when the legend of Chris Douglas was born.

Since then, he has videoed and produced outdoor shows for some of the top names in the industry. Traveling to some of the most remote places on earth. Leading hundreds of successful hunts.  He is one of the only producers who has ever captured pursuits of 23 of the 29 North American Big Game animals on professional video equipment. Solidifying his reputation as one of the best outdoor producers and videographers.

For all the exotic places, extravagant hunts and storied experiences that he has been apart of, he is still just a good ol' tobacco-farming country boy from North Carolina. He always looks forward to coming back home, to where the roots of his legend are where it all began. The Carolinas!

His new show "Carolina All Out," which airs June 30th 2017, will highlight the Carolina's natural wildlife & resources. Be sure to check out their Facebook page and video below!

XGO is proud to say...Welcome XGO Hunt/Fish Ambassador, Chris Douglas! We look forward to seeing you contribute in the growing of our Ambassador program!




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