Collin Kattner

When Collin Kattner isn't moonlightin' as "Hoss" for Bonanza Round-Up Conventions, he is prowling the rugged hunting lands of the legendary 165,000 acre Texas Pitchfork Ranch.  

Having been a guide for Mesquite Country Outfitters since 2009, he has been able to successfully lead numerous big game hunts. Collin has bagged a few West Texas trophies of his own, like this nice muley he took recently on a personal hunt.  

Hunting and fishing might be his passion but being a full-time West Texas firefighting machine is his calling.  A hunter, protector, provider, Collin wears many hats but his favorite hat, family man. With his wife, Courtney, and their two daughters, Caylee & Carsyn, he is living the American Dream. 

We look forward to seeing Collin contribute in the growing of our Ambassador program! Welcome XGO Hunt/Fish Ambassador, Collin Kattner! 

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