Dan Ibach

We all have that friend who's always so mild manner in public but in reality they are coiled cobra of energy and enthusiasm ready to strike...yeah that is Dan "the manimal" Ibach.

Daniel Ibach, retired Army Special Operations veteran, has a background in special operations and love for the outdoor. That enthusiastic love for the outdoors led he and his family to retire in Park City, Utah where he is an avid skier, long distance runner, mountain biker, swimmer and hiker. 

In the winter, Daniel skis mainly at Park City and Canyons Village in Park City as well as traveling for backcountry adventures to British Columbia and Colorado. His summer is filled with road and trail running events including the Boston Marathon last year (3:28:38) and the Red Bull 400, North Face Endurance Challenge and MOFO (Mother F...er Of All Rides) Park City Mountain Bike Race.

We look forward to seeing Dan contribute in the growing of our Ambassador program! Welcome XGO Ambassador, Daniel Ibach!!!