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Design & Fabrics

fabrics wick moisture vertically at a rate of 3" in 3 minutes, and with exceptional dry time. The FR products are flame retardant for life, developed with fibers that are naturally resistant. 



XGO base layers are designed to maximize comfort and performance for any temperature or activity. Our Phase 1-4 system helps you choose the layer that's right for you-no matter the conditions.

Please Note: These are suggested product temperature ranges, and are only provided to assist you in building your ideal layering system. 


The XGO fabrics are also tested by an outside professional that are approved by the US Military for features for durability, wicking, air permeability, stretch and recovery, burst strength, flammability, char and durability.  The test results are then used to continue to improve and provide an even more effective fabric for the XGO gear.  All XGO fabrics are designed, developed, constructed, sewn, finished and packed in the USA.


Acclimate® FR

Acclimate® FR is our patented, proprietary blend of high-performance, flame-retardant yarns. Our FR fabric has inherent qualities which cannot be washed or worn out, and the Thermal Protective Performance values (after-flame, no-drip) exceed NFPA standards (ASTM D6413). 

All XGO®flame-retardant garments breathe and wick moisture well, ensuring comfort is maintained during long periods of intense activity.


Acclimate® Dry

Our technical base layers with Acclimate® Dry are designed to be the highest quality, most comfortable and best-performing layering systems for any climate or situation. Acclimate® Dry fabrics offer superior wicking, breathability, and quick drying time.

Acclimate® Dry performance fabrics wick and dissipate perspiration and moisture away from the skin - keeping the wearer dry and comfortable for extended periods of activity.



Being a vertical manufacturer, XGO gets to control and maintain all of the process and construction of our fabrics and gear.  The designs of our gear are largely determined by our end users.
Whether it is the USMC requesting extra length on the shirts for them to stay tucked in, to USAF requesting a better hand on an FR fabric, to the US Army helping to start smart seam and dropped seams, to the US Navy needing a made in the USA comfortable compression, we listen! Since we have control over the entire development of the fabrics, we have the ability to constantly innovate and develop new features for our designs and fabrics.


The Right Climate

XGO® was the first engineered system of next-to-skin layers designed to be worn as standalone pieces or as part of a layering system. The XGO®Phase 1-4 product system maximizes your body’s natural temperature regulation, and dissipates moisture more effectively than anything else on the market. All construction and seam placements have been carefully designed to maximize comfort and freedom of movement, thus minimizing the grind on load-bearing anatomies. 


Rugged Mil-Spec Standards

Inspired by today’s high-mileage athlete, XGO® is technologically focused to meet the stringent demands of professional military and law enforcement personnel. Our system of highly technical, quick-drying base layers are designed to rapidly wick perspiration from the body to the exterior of the fabric. In the process of the moisture transport, bacteria contained in the perspiration are destroyed by Ag47™ silver anti-microbial treatment, effectively eliminating odor and harmful bacteria.

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