Jacob Monroe

Rumor has it when Jacob "Jake" Monroe was born, three things happened. The "always open" 7-11 temporarily closed, Mother Teresa joyfully cried and he squared the doc up and said "point me to the nearest tree-stand!" 

Having grown up in a small rural North Carolina town, there were only 3 things to do: sports, work and hunt. Jake mastered the last one, the working part is still up for debate...

Gifted with a lifetime hunting license (which for those who must pony-up and pay each year, makes us greatly envious) and a blistering desire to hunt, Jake began honing his skills at an early age. No type of game was safe when he entered the woods. Now fish on the other hand...even though he is an avid fisherman, the fish are still safe! 

When he can pry himself away from the woods, he's usually spending his time with his wife, Brittley, prized coon hunting dog, Mr. Cujo or making game calls, which is specializes in turkey and duck calls.

His personality and love for the outdoors are often immeasurable. If you bring up hunting, he will talk to you like an ol' friend for hours. Now if you want to talk about some of his hunting secrets?  Yeah don't expect to get any from him anytime soon! That's about the only thing he doesn't talk about!

We look forward to seeing Jake contribute in the growing of our Ambassador program! Welcome XGO Hunt/Fish Ambassador, Jacob Monroe!