Missy & Jim Gilliland

Missy and Jim are outdoor loving, Precision Rifle shooting, business professionals and all around "50 Stars-13 bars-these-colors-don't-run" bad asses! Hunting and recreational shooting was part of both of their upbringings that has grown into an undeniable passion for tactical precision rifle competitions. Missy and Jim participate in around 10-14 matches a year and are members of the Precision Rifle Series. Missy finished 2015 PRS season by qualifying as one of the Top 3 Females in the Series for the Finale held in California.

Her talents also include the firearms media as a writer, public speaker and television personality. Missy is also a contributing writer for various online sites including Sure Shots Magazine and the Snipers Hide. I co-hosted Seasons 2-9  of “Trigger Time TV” which airs on the Pursuit Channel. 

Missy is a Brand Ambassador for Vista Outdoor brands Bushnell Tactical and Hoppe's 9. Also being sponsored by GA Precision, Berger Bullets and Armageddon Gear.

As tireless charitable fundraisers, they proudly support Americansnipers.org and The Guardian Long Range matches that benefit Bethany Christian Services. In addition to working full time, my entrepreneurial business interests include co-ownership of Shadow 6 Consulting. A company that Missy and Jim own and operate conducting marksmanship training with handguns, carbines and precision rifles. Missy is a proud NRA Certified Firearms Instructor and ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

When Missy and Jim are not being all around great Americans, they are usually spending time with the 4 kids they share and loveable companion, Ranger. Just so you know if you want to get on Missy's good side when you first meet her bring up coffee and how essential coffee. Trust us.

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