Tom Fuller

Take a second to really look at this picture. Take all the time you need. Lord-knows it blew our minds as well. There is no question it will someday hang on the walls of the American Museum of Natural History.

Sport Coat. Windsor Knot Tie. Camo Cargo Shorts.  Premium American Lager. Tom Fuller is the New Modern Business. And yes, for those of you who were wondering, this is exactly what he looked like when he was born.  

Consistently "sitting-on-go," Tom is always ready to tackle his next challenge. At all cost. Perfect example - take a gander at the time Tom tried to headbutt a hornets nest, here 

Tom has been involved in some pretty crazy stories (i.e. headbutting hornets). Also he has no problem telling them. Trust us. But the stories Tom loves telling the most involve his wife, Charitie and kids, Amanda, Cabella & Roby.  

At his core, Tom is a man of the people. Retired Army Ranger Sergeant Major, Owner/Operator of Armageddon Gear, outdoor/hunting enthusiast, little house on the prairie farmer, bee-whisperer, charity/community advocate & all-around red-blooded "50 Stars & 13 Bars" American. If you don't believe us just watch the video below. 

We look forward to seeing Tom contribute in the growing of our Ambassador program! Welcome XGO Hunt/Fish Ambassador, Tom Fuller!!

For more information on Armageddon Gear, check out their website (link above).