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Walt Hasser – XGO

Walt Hasser

How handsome is Handsome Walt Hasser? Imagine a cross between James Dean, Paul Newman & Steve McQueen. They would still come in 2nd to Walt Hasser. So handsome that even People Magazine wouldn't put him on the cover of their "Sexiest Man of the Year" issue in fear it would cause a national riot.

Enough about his looks, let's talk about the man. Who is Walt Hasser? He is former Marine Scout Sniper & Recon man, a part time marksmanship instructor and hunting guide at the FTW Ranch in Barksdale Texas, and business development consultant and sales & marketing executive for renowned hunting rifle manufacturer Legendary Arms Works.

His entire world revolves around the outdoors. He loves the challenge of high adventure hunting. Take a look at this majestic African Cape Buffalo he tagged in a past hunt. Sadly this buffalo's beauty stood no chance next to Walt's legendary looks.

A natural teacher, Walt loves to bring new people into the sporting community and help them to experience and cherish the thrill of hunting.  Most of all, he loves being a husband to his wife Marissa, and together bringing up their two boys, Weston and Bennett in a rural setting, teaching them to become horsemen, sportsmen, and gentlemen; a trio of characteristics which Walt believes do not exist without each other. 

We look forward to seeing Walt contribute in the growing of our Ambassador program! Welcome XGO Hunt/Fish Ambassador, Walt Hasser!!

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