Flame Retardant, what's the deal?


XGO FR, or Flame Retardant, fabrics/garments are constructed of a patented blend of Modacrylic & FR Rayon (U.S. Patent No. 7,678,718; Canada Patent No. 2,679,063). Our FR patented blend is manufactured at the yarn level, not an FR coating/application, meaning our FR fabrics/garments are inherently flame retardant. This means you will be covered with FR protection for the life of the garment.


XGO flame retardant fabrics/garments are designed to military specifications and ASTM D6413 standards for FR protection. All XGO FR fabrics/garments feature Acclimate Dry Moisture management and AG47 Silver anti-odor/anti-microbial protection. XGO FR fabric/garments provide superior function without sacrificing comfort or hand. They are without question one of the best feeling and functioning FR fabric/garments in the market.

"ASTM D6413 – Vertical Flammability test." ASTM D6413 is the standard test method for flame resistance of textiles. ASTM D6413 is the standard US Military test method for Flame resistance of textiles. XGO FR is continuously recorded as "No Melt/No Drip."

It should be noted that XGO FR fabrics/garments are set to a military spec (more information below) and not a fire safety spec (ie Arc Rated). 


Below is a letter we received in late 2012, early 2013 from an end user of XGO FR products. 

 "To Whom this may concern,

 My name is Vincent C. and I have used your products since 2006 when I was working in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Private Security Contractor. I just wanted to thank you for making such an outstanding product. It works and saved my life!

On September 3, 2012 I was on a mission for the US State Department in Peshwar, Pakistan when my vehicle was directly hit by a suicide bomber in a vehicle (SVBIED). I was knocked unconscious and trapped in the vehicle while it was engulfed in flames, but was pulled to safety by a fellow team member. My regular clothes and shoes were burnt from my body. The only injuries I received from the fire were to my head and eyebrows. My eyebrows were singed and there were slight burns to my forehead and to my left bicep. I was wearing an XGO FR T-Shirt and FR Boxers. The area covering my chest, back, and groin were not harmed even thought the XGO clothes were scorched by the fire. Your clothing protected my vital areas and I am very grateful for such a remarkable product. The only injuries I received were from the blast and those were minor. I will make a 100% recovery and be back to work in about 6 to 8 weeks. 

 Once again, I am very grateful for your product and I will continue to use it as long as I am working overseas in any type of high threat environment. 

Have a great day! 

 Very, Respectfully, 

 Vincent C."