The Power of Lightweight Performance: XGO's Phase 1 Next-to-Skin Layer

The Power of Lightweight Performance: XGO's Phase 1 Next-to-Skin Layer

The Power of Lightweight Performance: XGO's Phase 1 Next-to-Skin Layer

When it comes to high-performance activities like working out, military training, or demanding jobs like construction, comfort and functionality are key. These activities require gear that can withstand extreme conditions while allowing for unrestricted movement and providing superior comfort. That's where XGO's Phase 1 Performance clothing, specifically designed to be a lightweight next-to-skin layer, shines.

Unmatched Comfort and Mobility

Constructed using our high-performance 100% Acclimate Dry Polyester Eyelet Mesh, XGO’s Phase 1 Performance is not just lightweight—it's engineered for superior moisture management and incredible next-to-skin comfort. Its design allows for a full range of motion, ensuring unrestricted movement for active situations or any outdoor activity.

The additional underarm gussets further increase mobility and reduce irritation, making these garments ideal for intense physical activities. Moreover, the extra body length ensures your shirt stays tucked in, irrespective of the nature of your movement or activity.

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Advanced Features for Superior Performance

XGO’s Phase 1 Performance range is loaded with advanced features to enhance your comfort and performance. Our Acclimate® Dry technology ensures superior wicking and drying, keeping you cool and dry even under intense heat and physical exertion.

Our Ag47® Anti-Microbial / Anti-Odor Protection keeps your gear fresh, even through the toughest workouts or the longest days on the job site. These garments also come with a self-fabric collar and Clean Seam® Next-To-Skin Comfort technology to minimize irritation and enhance comfort.

The Rolled Shoulders feature removes seam off the shoulder, eliminating friction or irritation from plate carriers or packs, enhancing your comfort during long hours of wearing backpacks or heavy gear.

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Protection and Durability

In addition to being supremely comfortable, Phase 1 Performance gear provides a UPF UV Protection rating of 35+. This added protection is crucial when you're outdoors in the heat, shielding your skin from harmful UV radiation.

These garments are not only breathable, but they are also extremely durable and won’t shrink, ensuring that they maintain their fit and functionality over time. Moreover, all Phase 1 Performance products are Berry Compliant, meaning they are entirely domestically produced and manufactured in the United States.

XGO's Phase 1 Performance range offers an ideal foundation for your layering system or serves as a standalone shirt in the heat. It’s more than just a shirt; it’s an essential piece of gear designed for comfort, functionality, and performance. As always, XGO is 100% American Made and Berry Compliant.

Equip yourself with the power of lightweight performance. Explore the XGO's Phase 1 Performance collection and experience the superior next-to-skin comfort, mobility, and durability it offers. Stay cool, stay active—choose XGO.

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