Soldier Systems Welcomes XGO

Soldier Systems Welcomes XGO

Soldier Systems Welcomes XGO

XGO is now part of the Soldier Systems Daily family

Solider Systems Daily provides in-depth insight into the tactical field. Here at XGO we're proud to be working with this online publication to put our products in the hands of industry professionals around the world. We couldn't be more pleased with the feedback we've received so far. Here's a snippet from their recent review: 

"I actually became familiar with the Polarmax brand while I was still on active duty, before they split the military side of the business off as XGO. Over the years, XGO has done a great job working with end users to provide some very functional and comfortable knit garments. The secret is in the fabrics which are made to their specifications, including performance anti-microbial as well as FR blends. They even offer wool blends."

CLICK HERE to read the full article and receive an SSD exclusive discount code. 

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